• The view from the apartments of the first floor is astonishing.
• But at the heightened ground floor the garden of "Esperides" looks similar to the mythical one.
• The kitchen of room No 3 is comfortable and practical like all our other.
• All our kitchen have spacious cupboards, fridge-freezer, and some even have an oven.
• We offer spacious double and twin bedrooms.
• Each apartment has its own independent bathroom. Furthermore each apartment has TV and A/C.

• The apartments "Esperides" are situated at the field of Batsi, at a distance of 2 minutes walk from the beach.
• The parking lot is big and it is available even for football (as long as everyone agrees)!
• From the beginning of their construction, "Esperides" were inspired by the ancient myth of the "Golden apples of esperides garden".
• For those who know how to enjoy the pleasures of life, we give them a chance to prove how competent they are.
• The shade provided at the center of our garden is the perfect place to organise your excursions.
• The garden is a quiet place where small and "big" children can play safely.

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